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  • Are these flash cards any better than using a dictionary?
    Yes! It is certainly easier to have a set of words that are aligned with cross-curriculum learning objectives and age appropriate. The dictionary certainly has more words, but not all the words will be within the scope of the curriculum for age 9 to 12. Vocabulary Optimiser is a focused, guided and fun infused approach to learning what may otherwise be a boring task.
  • Why do you ask for reviews?
    Your reviews are highly valued so that we can continue to be effective at providing explicit vocabulary development material. We are committed to enhancing vocabulary acquisition as it is a game changer for children, especially as they transition from 'learning to read' to 'reading to learn'. Your support is most appreciated.
  • How long will it take for my child's vocabulary to improve?
    The current attainment level for each child is different, so timescale is difficult to assess. There are a number of activities that may aid vocabulary acquisition, such as daily exposure to English in formal and informal settings; parental input; after school clubs, regular reading is just as important as reading different genres.
  • Is there a quick way to master the flash cards?
    The cards are numbered and some cards are organised into bite-sized units: this presents a most effective way of working through the cards with ease while building confidence. It is highly recommended that other supporting/accompanying tools provided on this website are used to keep the learner engaged: online test questions and mobile app offer a variety to the learner. Some of the words can be used as an advanced spelling list so that children learn to spell the words correctly and therefore more likely to use the words in their writing.
  • What else can help in addition to using the flash cards?
    Seeking opportunities to use the words from the flash cards in conversation is a good start. Games of 'Who am I ?' to prompt learner to use adjectives to describe personality traits. For bilingual or multilingual families, it may be helpful to have set days of the week that a particular language is spoken. Most children have spelling homework from school, so you could include vocabulary learning into this time slot as a daily activity: regular and short is more effective than a random approach.
  • How will I know the progress of my child on the Vocabulary Optimiser App?
    The percentage score in each word class is recorded. These are the same word class as presented on the paper flash cards: nouns, verbs, adjectives and a mixed section. Most importantly, the mastery section provides the words that needs more practice. The mastery log shows each word and the correct answer; it keeps changing in response to your child's accuracy.
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